Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Modern Primitives

These are the prototypes for my first Tiki mugs i designed, i am pretty excited about them, i have been a fan of the Tiki world/Polynesian culture for a long time now. I called them Modern primitives, i like to keep the shapes very simple since a lot of the Tiki designs out there are already very much detailed.Tiki Farm is making them and i am thrilled to be able to work with such a great company,  we plan on releasing the mugs in the fall.I will post the final product very soon as we're still working on which glaze will work the best .


Anonymous said...

Those mugs are super cool. Please let me know when I can get them. I'd like to have the whole set.

Piccola said...

I remember that about your Philippe! I mean that your like Polynesian culture. I wonder if you remember me :-)

Anne-Lise Koehler said...

J'ai hâte de les voir en vrai!