Monday, January 17, 2011

Despicable Me "Gru's Hallway Posters"

This two posters are part of a series of images for Gru's ( The Villain) Hallway in "Despicable Me. The assignment was to come up with slightly dark images and villains.


mrs. hemenway said...

Being forced to watch despicable me again and again by my kids has gotten me looking at the background for interesting stuff. There is a poster right inside of the door of a biohazard plant. Did you draw that because it is amazing?!!! The dark artwork in the movie sits well within my heart. Can it be bought in poster form anywhere?

philippe tilikete said...

Mrs Hemenway,
Thanx a lot for your compliments, i don't reacall designing the poster with a Biohazard sign, there is often a couple of designers on the movie to design those kind of items ( since there are so many) And i am not aware of the poster being available in stores, sorry, but there will be more merchandising availble for Despicable Me 2 :) !
Thanx again for watching, looking closely and enjoying.